A Math Resource My Kid Actually LIKES

It’s no secret. My 10 year old hates math. He didn’t always though. In Kindergarten he made a math corner in our living room with all of his favorite math items.

Kindergarten Math Corner

Somewhere along the way we lost that joy culminating in a day last spring when he shut down and refused to do math. Then I yelled. It was not one of our finer days to say the least.

Luckily, taking the rest of the day off and a good night sleep put everyone in a better place. I remember the next day having a calm conversation with him about math before we even started any school work. We talked about attitude (his AND mine), about him being honest when he is confused or if he is just not wanting to do math at the moment. He admitted that yes he was a bit confused, but also he really just wanted to go play Lego. Surprise, Surprise 🙂

We agreed to work together to figure out why the specific math concept was a bit tricky, and we powered through. But I agreed, I would work on finding a better way for him to learn math.

Then I decided that we did NOT have to complete everything the curriculum we were using classified as “third grade math” by the end of the school year. I could take some time to regroup and make a new plan.

Enter Usborne Books & More  https://w7741.myubam.com/

Usborne Lift-the-flap Times Tables

I ordered this Times Tables book as part of a homeschool friend’s adoption fundraiser. My son really enjoyed it when we dabbled in multiplication last spring. He loved all of the little flaps and fun questions throughout the book. It did not feel like school to him.

So when fall rolled around and I still didn’t have a definite plan for math, I decided to focus on regaining joy in math.

Adding & Subtracting Activity Book





I had ordered this Adding and Subtracting book from the same fundraiser. My initial plan was to have my youngest work on it, but as most of us know, things don’t always goes as planned.

I made a guess that having my son work on skills he had already mastered in a fun way might bring the joy back, and IT DID!!! He loved the colorful illustrations, fun activities & stickers.

He finished it up a few weeks before Christmas, and we took a break from Math until after the holidays. In January we started up with the Usborne Fractions & Decimals Activity Book 

& the Lift-the-flap Fractions and Decimals book .


Not only is he learning about fractions, he is ENJOYING Math again!!! That’s a win, win in my book.

The books I’ve mentioned in this post are only those we have used. Usborne Books and More has so much more to offer. I actually have several waiting on the school shelf 😉 , for when we finish Fractions and Decimals. I plan to share about our experience with those as we use them.

Picture of Fractions and Decimals Activity BookIf you would like  recommendations of other Usborne resources, feel free to comment below or send me a message on the Contact page.  Thanks for reading !!!Picture of Lift-the-Flap Fractions and Decimals (IR)

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